Dome round home in Russia turnkey | Skydome

Dome round home in Russia turnkey | Skydome

3D-tour of
the finished house

The most futuristic house in the branch.

Skydome is the first Russian Company, promoting the houses of the future in the large scale. The house takes the most important place in the human life in our worldview. Here we make the most valuable decisions, here our children grow and in whole it is the place where our life goes on. That is why we make the houses amusing with huge internal space and only from eco-friendly materials. Low storey house building has been remained the same for the last 15 years. Houses all as one are similar to each other. But the changes have come creeping upon one unnoticed. The future architecture is created here and now! And you have the chance to participate in it.


Non-negotiable comfort level.
Friends will surely want to stay.

We have completely reconsidered the usual conception of space. The internal volume is so huge that can be compared only with the real planetarium. Special microclimate is created thanks to the natural air circulation inside the house that positively influences on health and emotional state.


Worldwide design.

Will it be piece of land at the seaside, in the wood or in the field- Skydome perfectly fits to absolutely any landscape. External forms together with roofing shingle make their own contribution to the exclusive Skydome design.


We do not make any experiments with your health.

We have carefully chosen Eco clean materials. Frame timber is certified by FSC while roofing shingle is specially made from green materials without harmful substances production.


You are not afraid of natural disasters. It is extra strong.

The house has never been so reliable and strong. Skydome is the unique integral design with exclusive aerodynamics. Tests have shown that Skydome stands up winter (250 km/h) and snow loads (up to 700 kg per m2).

Energy efficiency

Geometry is in your service.

You will not take part in atmosphere heating and greenhouse effect creation anymore. Moreover due to the dome design you will save up to 40% of the consumed energy resources.

Individuality. You are the author of your house.

Main facts about Skydome.

Skydome is the unique construction: there are no internal bearing walls. It permits to create absolutely individual plan. More than 200 of roofing color options are suggested- you will definitely find your favorite one. There is a great choice of variants for your interior creation.


The main is already ready.

Thanks to the new technology SkyPrefab, the 70% of the external house part is already produced on the manufacturing plant and built based on the constructor type.

Choose your house.

After you have made a selection of the corresponding house based on the diameter and total area, press the button “For further details” in order to go to the page, consisting design, planning and the detailed description of the house set.

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Russian Federation, Moscow, 10 Nizhnyaya Syromyatnichskaya (ArtPlay on Yauza)

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