Dome round home in Russia turnkey | Skydome

Dome round home in Russia turnkey | Skydome

The most futuristic house in the branch.

SKYDOM is the first Russian company, which promotes the houses of the future in a large scale. In our worldview the house takes the most important place in human life. We make the most valuable decisions here, our children grow here and this is the place where life goes on on the whole. That’s why we make the houses amusing with huge internal space and only from eco-friendly materials. The industry of house construction has not changed for last 15 years. Each house is similar to any other. But changes have sneaked up on unexpectedly. The architecture of the future is being created here and now. And you have a chance to become a part of it.


Incomparable comfort level. Friends will surely want to stay.

We have totally rewised the usual conception of space. The inner space is so huge that can be compared to a real planetarium. Special microclimate is created as a result of the natural air circulation inside the house that influences positively body and soul.


Worldwide design.

Wherever you want your SKYDOM to be located – on the seaside, in the forest or take a modest place in the field, SKYDOM fits into any landscape. Exceptional design of SKYDOM is created by the combination of external forms and roofing shingles.


We don’t experiment on people.

We use only environment friendly materials. Frame timber is certified by FSC, and the shingle roof is made from ECO-material without any harmful substances.


You shouldn’t worry about natural disasters. It’s totally reliable.

The house has never been so sturdy and solid. SKYDOM is the particular integral design with unique aerodynamics. Tests have proved that SKYDOM with stands winter (250 km/h) and snow loads (up to 700 kg per m2).

Energy efficiency.

Geometry is at your service.

You won’t become a part of global environmental pollution. Also your house will save about 40 % of the consumed energy resourses.


Main facts about SKYDOM

SKYDOM is the unique construction: there are no bearing walls inside and you are free to create any custom internal design. You will definitely find your favorite variation from more than 200 color options. A great choice of design selections!


The base is already prepared

The 70 % of the external house is already produced on the manufacturing plant and built based on the constructor type.

CChoose your house.

Select the diameter and total area of the house and press the button “for further details” in order to go to the page of design, planning and detailed description of your future house.

Contact with us

+7 495 726 3755

Nizhnyaya Syromyatnichskaya street, 10 (ArtPlay on Yauza)

+49 3962 221 604 6
+49 170 838 728 0

Puchower Chaussee 27 D-17217 Penzlin
Dipl.Ing. Marion Eschenbach

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