About us

Skydome is the first Russian company massively promoting houses of the future. We create the most futuristic houses within the branch. In our worldview house is the most important place in human life. It is the very place where we take valuable decisions, our children grow here and, on the whole, our life goes on here.

So we make incredible houses, with a huge inner space and from really environmentally-friendly materials. Over the last 15 years the branch of low-rise building hardly have undergone any changes. Houses, one and all, are similar to each other. But the changes have crept over. The architecture of the future is being created right here, right now. You have chance to take part.


A land plot at the sea shore, in the forest or in the field – SkyDome fits into absolutely any landscapes. The external form in combination with roof shingles contributes to the exceptional design of Skydome.


Friends will want to settle in your house. We completely revised the usual concept of space. The internal space is so huge that it is comparable to a real planetarium. Thanks to the natural air circulation inside the house, a special microclimate is created to have a beneficial impact on health and emotional state.

Smart House

Now every model of Skydome is provided with smart operating systems. Free for you. Via the mobile appalication on IOS or Android you can operate your Skydome from any location. Even if the power goes out, due to the autonomous battery the system goes on functioning for 24 hours.


Never before has the house been so reliable and strong. SkyDome has a single and integral design with exceptional aerodynamics. Testing has showed that SkyDome withstands a significant wind (250 km / h) and snow loads (up to 700 kg per m2).

Energy efficiency

You will no longer participate in heating the atmosphere and creating a greenhouse effect. In addition, thanks to the dome shape of the house, you save up to 40% of the energy consumed.


SkyDome is a unique construction: it does not have internal structure-bearing walls. This allows you to create absolutely individual layouts. There are more than 200 options of roofing colors – you will definitely find your favorite one. A huge selection of options for creating your interior.

Choose your home:

After selecting the house with suitable area, click on it to go to the page with the layout and detailed description of the house kit, with the opportunity to get a detailed estimate.